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First Lolita Skirt!!

Posted on 2014.07.12 at 00:54
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Heyooo!! Things are finally looking more positive lately. :D I got my first lolita skirt from Bodyline in on Wednesday! I was very surprised on how fast it came in! I ordered it July 4, and it came in not even two weeks later on July 9. That's crazy fast! I wasn't expecting it for another two weeks or so. With that said, here is a picture!

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Posted on 2014.06.20 at 16:34
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I've been really depressed lately since I will be losing my job soon. :( I'll most likely find a new job soon (hopefully before my job ends). I've applied to a few job postings that I found, but there isn't a lot available for my field of work. If I don't find anything I might just head back to school.  My heart bubbles with anxiety and stress everyday. I feel sad, angry, bitter, depressed and everyday I feel like crying. I'd rather not explain why I am leaving my job (they aren't firing because I'm bad though), it's complicated. Let's just say they don't have room for me, in terms of resources. I'll leave it at that. Now that I have that out of the way (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻, let's get on to the point of this post.

I've been trying to distract myself from this stress/anxiety and find something positive to look forward to, and take my mind to. I've been doing this with lot's of things: kpop, anime, coughtoomuchanimalcrossingcough, and now Lolita fashion.

I really like the style, and I'd think it would be a great hobby to get it into. I don't really have any "hobbies" per say. I don't count kpop, anime, playing easy ds games or working out as hobbies, since I'm not as invested in them as I could potentially be in order to count as hobbies, well maybe not working out, I work out a lot hehe. I also don't want to make my work a hobby anymore, I don't feel like coding or design "for fun" anymore, especially since that's what I do all day at work.  I know that Lolita fashion can be a very expensive hobby, something that requires a lot of time in the long run, in order to acquire pieces. That's why I find it so appealing (not the expensive part haha). I like how I can take my time with, and it's something I don't think I will lose interest in over time. I've been thinking about it for a good six months (more or less) without actually purchasing anything. I've been slowly reading, gathering info, joining local FB pages and LJ Lolita community pages, talking to members, asking questions. I still have a lot of reading to do though, but I'm taking my time.

What mainly attracts me to Lolita fashion is how beautiful and how it gives me a feeling of awe and nostalgia. It basically makes my heart go dokidoki, my eyes sparkle and my mouth water in absolute and utter delight. I see it and I make grabby hands! Could there be any other reasons really? Haha. On a more technical level, I love the elegance, detail and craftsmanship in the pieces.

I've also recently ordered a custom OP (one piece) by Pinkly Ever After, who I met at AN in Toronto. It's a risky move ordering an expensive hand made piece for my first ever purchase ^_^;;;. I hope I don't regret it, plus I can always sell it if I don't get fully into the hobby (hopefully not). Before I make anymore purchases, such as my basics, ie: blouse, petticoat, socks, tights, etc. I'll probably wait until I have a new job too. *siiiigh* Meanwhile I'm just going to read more about brands and immerse myself more into the "theory" side of Lolita fashion. I'm especially attracted to Country and Classical Lolita, I really like Sweet Lolita too, but I think I'll wait until I've established a better knowledge of Lolita fashion before getting into Sweet Lolita.

Sites I've bookmarked so far:

I'm basically writing this for myself, to document my thoughts, feelings throughout this.
So let this post be the beginning of my journey into the world of Lolita fashion. :D


Posted on 2013.07.28 at 21:39
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Title: Kiss
Author: unofficialdear

Pairing: Jaesu (Pre lawsuit)
Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rating: Pg – 13

A/N: This is my first fanfic, please be kind to me!
°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I hope to write smuttier things in the future.
Also thank you aleash1989 for editing! You were a big help! <3

“But they’re right! I have a big fat face and a big fat ass!”Collapse )

A man who constantly changed and never stays in one place, Kim Junsu.
He, who attempted at many transformations and is never afraid of them, took his time to be with @star1.
As a JYJ member, a musical actor and also as a solo singer.
A man who is running with no rest and never stops, Kim Junsu.
This is the story of that man, Kim Junsu.

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Typing by: 어쿠 @왜 나는 너를 꿈꾸는가
Scans by: 고마워사랑해미안해 @Telzone
Translated by: XIAworld
Shared by: JYJ3

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Nail art WOOT

Posted on 2012.06.16 at 01:05
Current Mood: creative
I'm still a beginner though! I found some pretty easy tutorials that didn't need any special tools, but those are limited. If I want to create the other amazing things out their I'll need strippers and especially dotting tools.

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I'm still in love with you, I can't get over you.

Posted on 2010.11.01 at 22:33
Current Mood: ecstatic

O_O this..is..soo...COOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!


Oh google, you know me so well!

Posted on 2010.10.27 at 22:55
Current Mood: tired
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Been listening to JYJ's new album "The Beginning"  NON stop. XD I love love the remixes!
I absolutely love I Can Soar! The lyrics and Junsu's voices captivate me! The lyrics are so meaningful and well placed, esp. because of their current situation. I think the song is really about finally being free. Love it.
I absolutely love Be the One and Empty! They just make me want to dance! 
The only song I'm not that fond of is Aay Girl, it's good (don't get me wrong) but it feels a bit...how can I put it..unfinished. Although I like the remix a lot. 

Nways, I should go to bed, and I love that they have twitters. XD gah!



Posted on 2010.10.22 at 12:45
Current Mood: happy
JYJ have twitter accounts!!!!!
add them!




These are official!!!!



Posted on 2010.10.07 at 22:19
Current Mood: crazy
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Winter is upon us, or me..depends on where you live. Freaking cold!
Anyways, haven't updated or made graphics much, on account that I am busy with school!

Take New Media...:P Yay! I'll be posting up my projects and assignments in due time...whenever I have time (which I have little of) and when they are complete.

So far, looooving the classes! First semester...yay..simple. I am a bit impatient though, I wanna start doing all the cool stuff now!! XD Yay I love graphic design, web design is okay. I'm not super pumped about xhtml, even though I like it.
Teachers are great, class environment is great.

So far we've been learning basic design, Illustrator cs4, office app, basic xhtml, business writing. BLAH! I'm super impatient to learn more things on photoshop, start learning print, making posters, ads, etcetcetc, photography, web site making GAH!

This christmas I want a tablet...like super bad!

Only thing I am not fond of is the fact that when I come home after being on the computer for 9+ hours..is that I don't want to make anything on my computer at home. 

Anyways this was a rant/update for those who are interested in wtf happened to me. :P

Comments are love!



Hello World, Meet Gackt.

Posted on 2010.09.12 at 20:09
Current Mood: ecstatic

I'm so happy some of the world is finally getting a glimpse (albiet a small one, but a glimpse anyways) into the awesomeness that is Gackt.
Sadly the movie Bunraku, some people say it's not good, not because it's cheap and badly made, but because the plot is lacking. They say that the movies visuals are stunning but it overshadows the plot. The character development sucks etc etc. =_= ;
It's like Ninja Assasin, all action no plot, but this time it's Gackt not Rain. Oh well. In my honest opinion, I'm a bit disapointed, but it really doesn't matter. It's not Gackts fault, actually it's quiet the opposite, he outshined all the actors. Thanks on some part to his amazing dears. :P I am looking forward to seeing the movie somehow, even it it's just on DVD.
I hope Gackt blogs about his experience at TIFF soon. All the pictures and wonderful video are thanks to his fans. Although the movie is said to be a dissapointment, right now I am a proud Gackt fan at her proudest! 
Look at this video. The comments made towards the end about Gackt make me squee in happiness. Maybe he'll get recognition for his awesomeness instead of his movie. I hope he gets more coverage soon. But I hope most of all that he is happy with where things are going for his career and that he's doing what he really truely loved (no doubt about that actually.)

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